There are two kinds of analytical tools available for data analysis: online applications integrated in the database and the desktop programs.

The online applications can be found in the subset function. In most cases, user does not need to use all the data in his/her research. The subset function is designed for user to generate his/her own dataset that is suitable for a particular purpose. User can use the powerful search engine in GBDB to find the records he/she needs and save them in his/her own dataset which is considered as a subset under his/her account. After finding all the records needed, user can use the online application to all the records in the subset. The online applications available at present include:

1. GeoVisual 1.0 - Geographic visualization



2. TS Creator C stratigraphic visualization


Some of the applications are difficult to be integrated into the online platform and are supported by output functions which can output the data file suitable for the desktop programs. The desktop programs available at present include:

1. CONOP 9



2. SinoCor 4


3. PointTracker for paleogeographic reconstruction